Welcome to the first entry on the DSP blog! 

Dig and Swivel was conceived out of the idea of wanting to DIG into myself and SWIVEL around to address all of my creative interests. This website is the converging point of these various projects; which currently include my own personal tap dance teaching and performance schedule, The Cleveland Tap Crew, and the Dig Tap Society. 

Tap dancing has been my primary focus for as long as I can remember. Rhythms constantly play like music in my mind. Though many seek to utilize tap to entertain primarily with flashy steps and feats of feet, my interest lies elsewhere within the art form. I view tap dancing as communication; rhythmic phrases that tell stories in paragraphs of sound. The steps are the words and the punctuation and phrasing are created through patterns and accents. Great tap dancing sounds like great storytelling and can have the same transformative effect. I’m always striving to leave a lasting impression through any of my endeavors and feel happiest when I hear or feel that I have done so. 

I’m excited to start sharing a bit more about the work I’m doing, the people I’m meeting, and the projects that I’m undertaking, and hope that you will visit again sometime soon... or leave a comment if you feel like (re)introducing yourself! 

xo Saravelli 

Jordan Manke